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Our stabling facilities will suit individual needs. We also have a stable with an attached paddock for the horse that suffers from claustrophobia or constantly kicks the wall. Our ponies can be housed in stalls if that is required. Horses are fed according to individual needs and a careful watch is kept on the condition and going of the horse and feed can be adjusted if need be. The feeding and giving of any supplements the horse may require is done by the assistant stable manager.


Pony Package – R4000.00 p/month
(This is for a pony who consumes less than 2 kg of concentrate per day)


Medium Horse Package – R4 800.00 p/month
(This is for a horse who consumes between 2.1 kg and 4.0 kg concentrate per day)


Large Horse Package – R5 100.00 p/month
(This is for a horse who consumes over 4.1 kg of concentrate per day.)

*The above fee includes the following :

A Stable for horse or pony with mixed shavings (Topped up regularly)
A paddock which is safe during the day, with Erogrostis and fresh water
Cleaning of the paddocks and stables, making sure that there is always fresh water and specific feed 3 x per day
All ponies and horses are fed 3 x per day
Administering of fly repellent 7 days a week during the warm weather
Grooming and hoof cleaning 2 x per day
Temperatures taken daily
A sliver of lucern in the late afternoon